LF26 Update 10

Here it comes. This small Video was recorded during the last Ground-Eingine Test last Week. Between 1200 RPM and 2300 RPM. Invites me to the First Flight.

Your Classic Planes Team

Simulator Update

Meanwhile the Production of the Simulator is on a good Way. By now there is a Jak-Replica mounted on it, the 109 will get a short Wing similar to this Plane and then get mounted on the Simulator. Also the Displays and interior is missing but will be acomplished soon. Looks nice, isn´t it?

As soon as we get a complete Experience about this Simulator we will try to get him to an Full Service Simulator for Pilots, which will first fly an Single Seat 109 Microlight/Experimental.

  • Yak
  • Yak2
  • Yak3
  • Yak4
  • Yak5
  • Yak6

Blue Skies


Your Classic Planes Team

LF26 Update 9

This Week themostly completed Plane was returned to the Owner. He will finish the Plane and get her through the Tests and the Maiden Flight.

We had a last Engine Test Run over one Hour, which was absolutely wonderful.

  • DSCN0991
  • DSCN0993
  • DSCN1039

In the next Days we will publish a short Video about this Test Run to demonstrate the Enginesound in the Cockpit.

So Long

Your Classic Planes Team

Mail Chaos

Last Week our Company Network were corrupted by Trojan Horses. Since Monday, 22:00 MEST until Wednesday 12:00 MEST teh Mailserver/-clients have went crazy and sent Mails without Permisson, mostly Scripts and non-authorized Material. If you had received Mails from us in this Time, please delete and inform us so we could complete the Restauration of the Mail Lists.

Maybe this Mails will seed some new Kind of Trojan/Virus. 

We will recover the System and since Sunday, 11:00 MEST the Mailsystem is back online. As known by now the Internal Parts (Accounting, Invoicing, Archive and Production) of the Net are not infected and safe and sound.

News from Pasewalk

Just a short Update about our Progress so far:

We were on the ILA in Berlin. Nice Fair so far, but i was embarrassed about the Place the Fair gae to the Microlights. Totally in the West, hidden behind a Magazin Housing. Only if you searched for them you have a chance to find them. Hope this get better next time ...


As we had some nice Meetings around the Fair we are hardly involved in managing the Contacts we discovered there. So it will take a little Time for the next Updates about the LF 26 and the other Projects. Just stay tuned

Blue Skies


Your Classic Planes Team

LF26 Update 8


On September 6 we had fulfilled the necessary ultimate Load Testing of the new Engine Combination. As expected there was no Problem at all, she is very tuff Lachend

Your Classic Planes Team