LF 26 Update 1

The LF 26 (D-Motor) from Belgium is a small, compact Engine, which will fit nearly perfect into the Me 109.

The Weight of the installed Engine with Fluids is, depending on the Installation, around 56 to 58 kg.
Not included the Engine Mount and Propeller. Actual he has a TBO of 1500 h and the Mounts are identic to the Jabiru 2200.
Thats the nManufacturers Facts. We could prove today, that the Engine is lighter than the other Engines we had in Tests since 2006.
As we had tested the Jabiru 2200 a couple of Years ago we have a Mount to adopt for th LF26.
Here are the first Results:
  • lf26c
  • lf26d
  • lf26e
More to come.
Your Classic Planes Team

Adapting the LF 26

On March, the 23th the first LF26 arrived at our Company. Direct Air Transport via Microlight to show the Lighweight of the Engine Mr. Ostermeier from B.O.T. flew it in with his own LF26 powered Plane.

The first Impression was wonderful, sleek and slim. We wil keep you informed about the future Steps.

  • 0_0_0_0_342_291_csupload_16133441
  • 0_0_0_0_352_263_csupload_16133383
  • 0_0_0_0_391_355_csupload_16133405
  • 0_0_0_0_394_283_csupload_16133429
  • lf26a

more to come

Your Classic Planes Team