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After some questions about possible Camos for the Me 109 we had deceided to show a bunch of thm here. But remember this: Which Camo may be suitable for the Me 109 depends on the Colors and their Absorption of Light, what means that the darker the Color the hotter the surface gets. And this limits the possible Camos.

The shown Pictures are lend from Don Color, the Master of Camouflage. They are only Hints. In the Lifetime of the Me 109 the Camos vary due to Field-Mods and so on so there is no real clue of which Camo is used on this place.

  • 1935
  • 1937
  • 1940 jg53
  • 1940a
  • 1940b
  • 1941

The following Decors are invented by Voss-Aero:

  • Me109zivi002
  • Me109zivi_neu
  • Me109zivil

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Good Morning

in the Meantime we had the Chance to check the Video-Material from our Fly In. Sadly the Cam had some Drop Outs and the Quality is far beyond the estimated, but ... i hope you will have some fun. Music is from the Irish Rovers. Cool Horridoh

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Thick cheeks

Hello again.

it was clear that the shown Cowling on the last Pictures are not the one you have estimated. Just a few Words for Explanation. The shown Cowling is a "quick and dirty" model for thermal tests under a closed cowling. the final Cowling will be more in shape with the original.

 By now the Engine-mount is finalised and followed by necessary Testing. After that the First Flight will take place.

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Shop repaired

Hello again

According to some Customers Information we ha repaired a Issue with the Shopping Cart of our Online Shop System. Thanks to the Customers which informed us about that. If you encounter Issues with our Site or shop please mail or give us a call.

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ILA 2012

Hello again

Most of you has met us on Fairs and Air Shows. Our "Home-Fair" is the ILA in Berlin since 2004. But depending on the restructuring of the Company which is still ongoing, we did not have the Manpower to manage this Years fair.

But if you are in Berlin around September 12 to September 14 and you wish to meet or Visit us, just get in touch as we are on the Fair on these Days and could also provide a visit to the Me 109R. 

Blue skies


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First Contact ;)

Hello again

For a first time sitting in his airplane and start the engine. Sometimes the most awaited moment of an aircraft builder. This week it happened again. Our client has been sitting for the first time in the assembled machine, become familiar with her and run the engine itself. His smile says enough. We have also examined the retraction of the Gear and the empty center of gravity. Both are ok. So on to the final sprint

  • dscn0683
  • dscn0684
  • dscn0686

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