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We have reopened the Forum. As we discovered severe Problems with Robots and Spam in the old Forum we have restricted the new one to registered Users of our Site. Registering is free of charge and we did not deal with any Information.Registered Users will become s plenty of Information ahead of the ones we provide on the Main site.

But if you choose not to register, you could also use the Guest Book to get in Touch with us.

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Todays news

Hello again.

We are not so far from her Maiden Flight anymore. Sadly we are waiting for the Engine Mount, which is delayed due to a Problem of the Manufacturer. Hope to get him soon.

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We will start a new part of our Site in near Future. It will present Projects form the Past and Present which we had developed, not only Planes. So stay tuned Cool .


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Shop reopened

Hello again.

After a lot of rework we have reopened the Shop today. If there are any Problems which we have not fixed please give us a call, so we could resolve them immediatly.


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Hello, this Time especially for the ones, which are playing Flight Simulators like IL2 Sturmovik/Cliffs of Dover or X-Plane.

In our Onlineshop we are offering three Basic Motion Platforms from CKAS for a easy Set up of your own Motion Simulator. Ths Kits are Plug n Play, what means that your could connect your Game Computer via USB, install a Seat, Controls and a Monitor on the Platform, Configre the enclosed Software and up on the Runway or the Racetrack.


And if you wish a Me 109, just look in our Shop. We provide Me 109 Fuselages for this Purpose... and so fast could you go airborne in your Living Room.

Just a Video of the 2DOF Version with optional Parts:

Especially the 6DOF Platform is for professionell Sims, as she could really provide all 6 degrees of freedom for your senses. But what is 2DOF/3DOF/6DOF ?

2 DOF = two Directions. The Plattform could go for- and afterwards and to both sides.

3 DOF = three Directions. The Plattform could be lifted and lowered and the 2 DOF.

6 DOF = six Directions. The Plattform could move nearly in all directions, up, down, left right, for- and afterwards, tilt and shifting and so on. Real professionell

For more Information just give us a Call.


Your Classic Planes Team


LF 26 Update 5

Hello again.

We have mounted the Exhaust-system and still adopting it to the Me 109. Cause we are busy in the Moment it coul be longer with the next Update.


Your Classic Planes Team

LF 26 Update 4

Hello again

Its time for a new Look on the Steps we taking to implement th LF26. Doesnt look bad, or

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  • dscn0207

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