LF 26 Update 4

Hello again

Its time for a new Look on the Steps we taking to implement th LF26. Doesnt look bad, or

  • dscn0204
  • dscn0205
  • dscn0207

Best wishes and blue skys

Your Classic Planes Team

LF 26 Update 3

Hello again

now it is time. The Engine for the Customer did arrive directly from Manufacturer. In Exchange the Dummy-Engine goes to the next Client.

A good solution is the Starter which now resides on Top of the Engine, not the rear.

Now we are waiting on the Engine-Mount, which will arrive soon

  • dscn0190
  • dscn0191
  • dscn0192

Your Classic Planes Team

Another 109 airborne

Hello again and Horrido

A Me 109 has her rebirth. These are the first Pictures worldwide of the Plane after her Conversion to a Suzuki Motorcycle Engine. She now has a unique Feature: The Builder has left the Gear on the Engine, so he could change Reducer on Griund and in Flight.


  • 018
  • 065
  • 066
  • 069

The Plane is airborne again since 2011 and we hope to see her soon on Air shows all over Europe.


Your Classic Planes Team

New Canopy

Hello again

We have worked long to improve the Canopy to look more tha the Original ERLA Type. Just a few Pictures. Have we reached the Target? The Canopy is now on Delivery.


  • dscn0064
  • dscn0065
  • dscn0067
  • dscn0069
  • dscn0074


Your Classic Planes Team

New Photos

After a long and good flyable Weekend we had updated the  History Area .

A Update for the WiP Plane follows shortly.


Your Classic Planes Team

LF 26 Update 2

Hello again.

Now we have integrated the Test-Mount and the first Tests are positive. As the Mount was fitted for the Jabiru, it doesnt fit the LF26 right out of the Box. By now we are checking the right Measures and sticking it in CAD to get the first perfekt Mount for this Me 109.

Looks good, right?

  • anpassung trger 0a
  • anpassung trger 0b
  • anpassung trger 1
  • anpassung trger 2
  • anpassung trger 3
  • anpassung trger 4

the lower half of the Cowling is borrowed from the D-MYME...

Your Classic Planes Team